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TISA Customs Office at the Border of Thayngen (CH) and Bietingen (D)

New Customs Office

TISA Customs Office at the Border of Thayngen (CH) and Bietingen (D)

NEW: TISA Customs Office at the Border of Thayngen (CH) and Bietingen (D)

May we introduce you to the youngest of our TISA family members today: our customs office at the border of Thayngen (CH) and Bietingen (D). We offer all export and import customs procedures for Switzerland and Germany in both directions. Since we have partners at all Swiss border crossings, we can offer you to act as customs broker: as a result all your customs issues could be managed by one skilled customs expert.


Our door is always open for you: Stephanie Erbsmehl and her team will be delighted to advise you in all customs questions you might have. Our office hours are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. In urgent cases Stephanie can be reached on her mobile outside the office hours as well as on Saturdays. You can find our team in the Spedi-Tower in Bietingen, Bietingerstrasse 98 in Thayngen on the 4th floor. Stephanie can be contacted on the phone +41 76 251 46 32 or via


Your drivers will get a perfect service in our offices: They can wait for the quick finalisation of their papers with a free cup of coffee and W-Lan. Furthermore they can pay cashless via credit- and debit card terminal.


8 Locations – All Borders – All Customs Procedures

  • Additionally to the customs office in Thayngen we can offer you 7 TISA locations in Switzerland (Widnau, Pratteln, St. Margrethen, Diepoldsau), Austria (Hohenems, Wolfurt) and Germany (Lindau).
  • As licensed consignee and consignor, we are able to declare your goods right at our premises: your truck does not need to suffer from long waiting times at the border but can come directly to our offices with the according transit papers. We offer you 3 logistics centres with cross docking facilities and customs options in the border region of Austria, Switzerland and Germany and 4 additional customs offices (AT: Wolfurt freight terminal, CH: St. Margrethen, Diepoldsau und Thayngen).
  • Our 22 licensed customs managers are happy to conduct all established customs procedures including consultancy for you, regardless if you need a simple import or export clearance, a transit document (T1/T2), free pass, certificate of conformity, EU-customs clearance, Carnet ATA/TIR etc. Additionally we can offer the possibilities of a bonded warehouse to you: you can import your goods into Switzerland but only have to pay the customs duties, when the goods are sold. This increases your liquidity and avoids long waiting times at the border.


Did we make you curious? Give our customs service a try and contact Stephanie Erbsmehl, head of our customs office in Thayngen. She will be more than happy to counsel you personally and also submit a tailor-made offer to you.


Wir halten Wort. Bei jedem Transport.

Stephanie Erbsmehl

Stephanie Erbsmehl

Head of Customs Processes


+41 61 226 95 28


+41 76 251 46 32